What was life like in the time that Ida Wells Barnett lived?


I have always been interested in the historical aspects of things. Personally, I have always been interested in the ways that things were in the “old days”. It is great to see how far the world has came. When I discovered that Ida Wells Barnett was an African American woman from the 1800s, I knew that I would want to learn more about the history of her time and what it was like for African Americans then. Just from reading “Mob Rule”, it is clear that many sad and horrible events went on in her time.


Mob Rule was written and published in 1900. In the year 1900, a race riot was sparked by a shoot-out between the police and a negro laborer in New Orleans. It was called the Robert Charles Riot. It happened on July 23rd and lasted for four days. Twelve African Americans and seven whites were killed. On August 23rd, the National Negro Business League was founded in Boston by Booker T. Washington to promote business enterprise.  By this time nearly two- thirds of the land owners in the Mississippi Delta were black farmers, most of who had bought and cleared the land after the Civil War. After the Civil War, 30,000 blacks were trained to teach and played a huge factor in helping more than half of the African American population reach literacy by 1900. The act of 1898 was amended and stated that railroads were not required to have second class coaches. http://www.blackpast.org/timelines/african-american-history-timeline-1800-1900

Here is a video that shows some of the great achievements of African Americans of this time despite all that was going on in the United States:

In the early 1900s, black were treated awful and even thought they had their own homes they still did not feel free. Neither male or females had any rights, they could not vote and women had no say in anything that happened out side of the home. People still committed hate crimes against them such as burning their houses to the ground. even when African Americans were granted more rights, those rights were still not recognized by the government which led to more riots and alliances. Religion played a big role in the African Americans lives at this time because in the churches they were about to be themselves and speak freely. Music was also a big factor in the lives of African Americans. Blues music emerged from work songs, folklore, and spirituals that showed the difficulties of the lives of African Americans. http://dmckenn2.umwblogs.org/the-color-purple/page-5/



The text was most definitely shaped perfectly around this time and what was going on in Ida Wells Barnett’s life. She based her story around the Robert Charles Riots and started her story off about the true story and how the fight came to be. She used her wisdom and writing ability to tell what really happens and goes on when others not paying attention. she even went as far as to share the newspapers articles in her book. She wanted all the readers to know what was going on and to point out the differences in each different article that she had read. Times were not easy for African Americans during this time and Ida Wells Barnett expressed this very well in her writing.


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